Sakurajima luggage manufacturer formerly was a family luggage maker which was established in 1970. During 40 years development now our product not only luggage but also Backpack, Travel bag, Business pack, wallet, etc . Our market mostly in Indonesia such as Sumatera , Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi, and Bali.

Currently we have two brand names Sakurajima and Calvina which has been registered under Indonesian law institution.

Our vision is to produce affordable product based on customer needs, so we do best effort to reduce our production cost without impact to the quality of product. We also can supply high class product for middle and high class market.

To keep our commitment to customer and reseller, we always do quality inspection strictly. Even in lack of goods condition or time limit challenge, imperfect product will be return back to our production department.

In order to expand our business, we should always be able to supply good product that fulfilled the customer requirement at the right time. So we also running reseller business by buying and importing product from other supplier and selling to our customer.

We also can handle custom design based on customers needs and budget, such as promotion bags, green bag/environment friendly bag, etc.

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